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Cakes and Cookies

$50 - $70 Small Tray Feeds 8-10, Large Tray feeds 14-16

We take pride in knowing that we have the best desserts available. Our selection of cookies and cakes will delight you.

Cakes and Cookies: Products

Coffee - 55 cup Urn


Includes sugar, sweetener, stirrers, milk, half and half, and cups.

Tate's Cookies Platter

Small platter - $50, Large Platter - $70

An assortment of cookies. The small platter has 36 cookies and the large platter has 60.

Italian Variety Cookie Platter

Small platter - $50, Large platter - $70

Variety of Italian Cookies

Brownie Platter

Small platter - $50, Large platter - $70

Delicious Home-Made Brownies.

Cakes and Cookies: Products
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